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In a few years of our experience and visiting different countries, we realized that the cost of our design and architectural design is very low and we can send architectural and architectural services at low prices to all countries for employers. And due to the presence of very good mines in Iran such as stone travertine and marble and granite, we can produce all parts of the building at a low cost and, due to the proper wages, we can produce parts with different designs and export them to different countries.

  • We have a professional team of designers and planers in Roman, Classic, Modern models; having very good conditions and highly successful work experience;
  • we can offer our services in a great deal of business all over the world.


Desining Villa

The design of the villa on the porch is combined with concepts such as beauty, art and engineering principles of the world, and you can order your favorite villa in all classic, modern and Iranian-traditional styles

Restaurant design

Designing the restaurant in a correct and principled way will be one of the most important factors for its success and durability in the minds of customers. Ivan with a brilliant history in designing a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and restaurant gardens will ensure the longevity of your restaurant.

building designing

The design of the building on the porch, according to cultural patterns, climate in a variety of architectural styles with residential, commercial and office uses will be done in a short time and will be implemented under direct supervision


We have executive teams for the plans and designs we provide and our construction cost will be very low

Ali Rameshk


Master of Science in Architectural Design and Graphic Design Expert (Director of Avon Collection) author of the book Philosophy of Art in Architecture (under the editorship)

Morteza Memar

Civil Engineering

a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, and etc...

Mohsen Rahmani


A CTO is a visionary—plain and simple. They are highly knowledgeable about the market, are experts in modern development technologies, and understand the current players in the space. CTOs are always thinking about innovation and new product directions.



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